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Yes it's Stef with an f

Self portrait with photo lens held in front of eye

Product and Brand

Welcome to my product and personal brand resource that provides businesses of all sizes resources and solutions on visual design, art, and how to present yourself and your brand. I also want this to be a source of inspiration and catalogue of inspiring designers, photographers, artists and small businesses for anyone who, like me, has a passion for entrepreneurship, art, and everything that's design - the perfect embrace of beautiful and useful.



I'm Stef and I'm a branding and product photographer, videomaker and digital designer based in Scotland. I've also worked on some projects in Milan, my home town, and will happily jump on a plane to capture what makes your brand special. Besides English, I speak Italian, and my french is pretty good too!



For the last 10+ years I've helped brands showcase their value and unique style with a tailored approach, allowing them to:


- gain trust and increase their sales

- be perceived as the professional, trustworthy answer to their customers' needs they are

- get published in a magazine and attract more leads on socials


Today, I have an entire business founded on visual communication. Because visual content is critical for anyone in business, I'd like to share with you what I've learned and help you grow, too!

Find out more about my experience

Behind the scenes at property shoot for pampas wreath product
London underground commemorative coin souvenir packaging animation
3d sculpting setup
DefinitiveHuman SimVis_render full
Mix of photography and 3d animation for a product advert test
DefinitiveHuman SimVis render torso
Commercial Photographer UK headshots behind the scenes

I'm good at crafting lighting and scenes to convey specific looks and moods.

"From the get go I knew Stefania was the photographer I was looking for, She took the time to listen about the product and the needs I was after, so she knew my product and got back to me about how to best present it, great to work with, very straight forward, professional and photographs are top notch, highly recommended".

I make people feel at ease, it comes natural to me. Plus I have developed a few approaches to make you feel confident and relaxed, getting the best out of our headshot or personal brand session in a quick and fun way.

I know when to leave space and silence for you and when to jump in and support you.

I will be honest and straight-forward with you, clarity is the base to building anything that's effective.



I benefit greatly from other businesses resources and my friends art. Here is my bit for you.

My blog has launched in January 2024: head there for insights, tips, and stories about design, branding, photography and more to help you grow your business.


I believe that good design is good business and I'm passionate about helping you achieve your goals.  Contributing to your success gives me drive and purpose, as I share all I know with and among my network.


In any aspect of life,


so If there's even just 100 of us,

the return is multiple folds.

Raised view of Italian town and natural surroundings, cover of Stefania Calderara's photographic prints for sale.
"coming soon" label


Add inspiration to your walls. A selection of my personal work available as limited edition wall art prints.

Section of student accomodation buiilding with red and brown surface, against a cloudy blue sky
"coming soon" label


Add resources to your business.

Stock images and files to download today - some free!

If you're looking for inspiration and guidance for launching your brand or promoting yourself or your new products/services, you're in the right place.

Sign up to my newsletter or head to the Blog to hear from successful businesses, get tips and tricks, or learn more about the business of doing business.

Get inspired!

Great to have you!


Gain trust, raise prices, get stockists : ultimately gain power and control over your business.


Cosmetic, luxury, home decor, drinks and tech still life: ecommerce to creative product photography.


3D and stop motion product videos, animated video production for your Amazon listings, online store and adverts.

Product 360 and augmented reality

Augmented experiences for increased engagement with 360 product photography and augmented reality


Gain trust, raise prices, get them talking, feature in a magazine: ultimately gain power and control over your business.

Personal Brand photoshoot

Self branding, behind the scenes, modern professional headshots and portraits in your work environment or suitable location.

Business photoshoot and interview-style video

Modern business headshot, brand video interview, business casual portrait and video session

Company headshots and video

Executive headshots, staff pictures, corporate headshots, corporate video

Introductory call/meeting

When can we meet or schedule a 10 minutes call to discuss a bit about your marketing and creating content that works for you?

More about me and my experience

It was a very hot summer night in 80's Milan, when I first cried out for a bit of real food. I haven't grown much in height since then, but I seem to have learned to never assume anything.

The 90s (I know you'll agree) have been the most glorious times in history. The photographic prints from that era still bring nostalgic tears to my eyes. The streets of Milan, filled with billboards, great-looking shop windows, promotional events and tv studios - but also art exhibitions and beautiful architecture - fuelled my curiosity in image creation and visual communication. I watched MTV quite a lot - to my father's disappointment who got me to study and play classical music at Milan conservatoire. It wasn't the music though that interested me the most: I was fascinated by some of the music videos, which were often the first to present innovative ways to produce moving images and visual effects on national TV.

Right around the supposed end of the world, I had chosen my path.

BACHELOR IN COMMUNICATION DESIGN I explored photography, graphic design and CGI in this very well taught degree at Politecnico di Milano. From pixels to vectors to renders, it gave me an overview and a grasp of all that is possible in visual design.

MASTER IN 3D ANIMATION AND WORK AT SIMVIS At that time I viewed photography degrees as similar to art classes, where you're left to experiment after learning the basics...mostly geared towards fine art photography. As someone who had been shooting manual for years and wanted to get into commercial photography, I chose to assist professionals in the field and purchase courses from the masters. This gave me a real insight into the trade and its specific tools and techniques. You could say I'm self-taught, but we always learn from someone or somewhere, so I'd rather say I've not followed the academic path. It turned out to be the right decision. Photography wasn't the only way of creating visually that interested me. 3D animation instead, was something I wanted to expand on after grasping the basics of 3d visualisation during my bachelor degree. I knew I wanted to leave Italy and make my life hard but exciting for a while, so I sent applications to a handful of selected universities and got in at The Glasgow School of Art (so glad I didn't end up in Lapland in hindsight haha, I wouldn't have survived the cold). The School of Simulation and Visualisation at GSA (previosuly Digital Design Studio, and now changing name again!) had me working on some research and commercial projects in the following years, while I ran my business on the side.

STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS 2012 was the year I launched my photography business. I loved shooting models test shoots and products. From basic e-commerce shots and simple portrait setups, which still require a good amount of knowledge and skills about lighting and retouching, I moved to more and more complex setups and higher quality final images. It has been more than ten years, capturing the essence and unique details of people and products!


I used to play basketball in elementary school, and even got to meet Diego Meneghin, an Italian basketball star, who gifted me a mega size basketball shoe as (probably) the youngest and smallest kid who ever played basketball.


I believe being active is one of the best thing you can do, not only for your physical health, but for your mental health. I love to capture personal trainers and sportspeople in action and help them promote themselves.

Martial arts in particular have helped me so much! These days I play tennis (badly).

MTV ran one of his shows from a studio in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan city centre, and would have random people selected from the streets below to come up and launch a video. While walking around Milan's Duomo one day, I was selected as one of the possible guest VJs for the day. I never was the final choice in the end, but got to go up and see some of the show's behind the scenes. I've always loved to see what happens behind the curtains!

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