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April 2023


Shot in my home studio in Glasgow West end, I gathered all products and props (some sourced by mighty Paul at Soapworks) and started a feast of plants and aromas.


April 2022


Commercial Photographer and Retoucher

Project type

Images to be used in brochures and marketing material for the upcoming PLMA fair "World of Private label" fair in May 2022, as well as on Soapworks' website.


Organising and arranging a high number of elements, some of which perishable, and working flexibly to allow for changes.

This photoshoot required me to be very organised and work fast to capture fresh fruit and botanicals in a nice composition to the bars. With food and especially water-rich food such as fresh fruit and veg, it is crucial to setup the stage first and implements these at the last minute, freshly cut, for best results. I had to manage a large number of elements and balance them in terms of colour and composition for a nice visual effect, without taking attention away from the stars of the show: the soap bars. Working flexibly also allowed me to apply some changes to position and quantity of elements in post, and add some extra touches, such as reducing some of the elements' size for a nicer end result, as per the client's feedback. White flowers for example were too big and we were unable to source smaller ones, so I integrated them later on at the required size.

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